March 25, 2016


Number EIGHTY-FIVE, March 25th.

One of my favorite places to go for lunch: TOMATILLO!

I love mexican fooooood! Usually, I get a chicken burrito, or a quesadilla.
But, today, I felt a bit adventurous. 

I opted for shrimp tacos!!! When I first got it, I was a bit iffy about the mango topping, but it was actually not that bad! I mean, anything with shrimp tastes good!

Anyone living in Korea wanting okay-priced Mexican food should go to Tomatillo! There's actually a pretty big one at Itaewon, so it's pretty easy to find. I usually always go to the branch in Yeoido, but the one pictured about is the one in Jongro area (I can't believe I've been to all of these). 

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