March 25, 2016

Intern Outfit Ideas

H&M Turtleneck Shirt, Mango Midi Skirt, Mango Slip-ons

Uniqlo Sweater, Zara Trousers, Mango Flats

Zara Shirt, Uniqlo Jeans, Victoria Sneakers

It's has now been about three weeks since I started my internship and, while the biggest struggle is actually waking up in the morning, getting dressed is also such an issue.

Thankfully, as an intern, I'm not entitled to wearing full-out business casual attire during the week. And, on Fridays, we even have casual day, when everyone just wears sneakers and hoodies. 

So, here we go: some of my outfit ideas for any fellow interns out there. 

I personally don't like wearing heels to work, mostly due to the sound the heels make. The office I intern at is veeeery quite. Like its similar to a library. So, I usually stick to wearing flats. 

My normal outfit consists of a blazer, a simple blouse, black trousers and pointed flats. And, I still love wearing midi skirts! Paired with a simple black shirt, it's super comfortable for sitting at a desk all day, but pretty chic at the same time. My supervisors always hated when interns wore short skirts to work. So midi skirt it is. 

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