About Me

Me? I'm just a 22-year-old Poli Sci major at Yonsei University.

Facts about me: 
  1. I have two hometowns, Seoul and Philadelphia.
  2. I'm scared of getting older. I have a bit of a Peter Pan complex.
  3. I have an addiction to watching movies. Even just movie trailers.
  4. I listen to music very loud. So, I'm almost deaf. Sorry ears.
  5. My sisters are worth more than anything to me.
  6. Although its overrated, Austen's Pride and Prejudice is my favorite novel.
  7. I will never get my bangs cut ever again. Learned my lesson the first time.
  8. I'm not too lazy, but not too adventurous. 
  9. My favorite season is fall, even just for the fall foliage.
  10. Loud clocks and people making chewing sounds are my biggest pet peeves. 
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Maira Gall