March 26, 2016


Number EIGHTY-SIX, March 26th.

A quick snapchat of a random art book store in Hongdae.

They happen to have two of of my favorite artists: Mondrian and Magritte.

A couple of days ago, I went to Mokdong to tutor my fifth-grade student English and he asked me the weirdest question: "Emma teacher, who is your third favorite artist? And I looked at puzzled. Why not just ask me who my favorite artist was, not the third favorite. He just looked me with the surest expression on his face, and just said he was just curious.

So, I just decided to indulge his curiosity, and gave him a list of my top favorites:
1. Van Gogh
2. Monet
3. Magritte

Then, I asked him his top three:
First, he said his number one favorite was Leonardo da Vinci because of his versatility: he was an artist, an inventor, a scientist. Da Vinci is one of his favorite people ever.

So, on to number two, at first, he couldn't remember the artist's name. I told him to describe the artist for me, and he started drawing a pencil sketch on our Junior TOEFL book. Right away, I knew he was talking about Mondrian. But, I totally forgot Mondrian's name. We even tried google-ing "red, white, blue, lines, boxes, painting" but, much to our disappointment, nothing came up.

Now, when we moved onto number three, he said he didn't have a third favorite. And, at that point, I was like, "Then why did you ask me my third favorite if you didn't have one"....and he just said he was curious and that he didn't really like art to begin with.

I must say, it was a very stimulating conversation. 

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