February 2, 2016


THIRTY-THREEFebruary 2nd. 

Today was such a fun, but long, day. So many things happened:

One. I was a complete b.i.t.c.h. on the subway. To defend my case, I didn't know that the guy standing behind me and sister spoke English. If I had known, I wouldn't have talked about his gigantic backpack and how much I hate it when people lug it onto a crowded subway during rush hour. Supposedly, my sister heard him on the phone, speaking to his friend in English, and signaled to me to shut up. And then, he took his backpack off and put it on the shelf in the train. Awww I felt like such a terrible person. If I ever meet that guy again, I'll say, "I'm sorry. I was just having a BF from being in the crowded line 9 train. I'm apologize."

Two. On our way home, we saw the cutest stray cat on our street. After we saw a little elementary kid pet it, we saw it liked to be petted. It kept purring and being so cute, so I ran home to get some milk and feed the poor little kitty. And, it loved it. I hate seeing street cats and dogs. They're so sad and they look so lonely. We left these poor guys out to fend for themselves?

Three. We finally watched Bridge of Spies and my love for Tom Hanks was spurred again. I don't there has ever been a movie by Stephen Spielberg that didn't meet my expectations. The cinematography, the actors, the soundtrack...I loved every part of this movie. Everyone, I totally recommend it!

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