February 3, 2016

Number Thirty-Four

Number THIRTY-FOUR, February 3rd.

Early this morning, my sister and I decided we needed to burn some calories so we went to go play tennis at the nearby tennis court. We ended up getting a free lesson from a random man who saw us playing mediocre tennis and just felt bad for us. He was soooo funny. With his blue scorpion hat and huge Costco's bag full of tennis balls, his face is one that I'll never forget. He had to be one of the brightest stranger I have ever met in Korea. We must have rallied together for like thirty or forty minutes. And I felt like I was back in Korea, being able to just talk to strangers and playing sports with people I don't even know. I mean, now my body is aching all over, but the experience was fun. 

Now to dinner time. 

After sitting out in the cold for thirty minutes, we decided the wait was worth it after seeing this. Located in Hongdae — the young, urban-ish area of Seoul — this cute little restaurant called Outdark is now one of Hongdae favorites. Supposedly, they are even opening a branch in Hong Kong! Impressive!

We were soooo hungry we ordered a whole bunch of chicken. But, turns out, we couldn't handle it. We ended up doggy-bagging it and then going to our favorite bar for some drinks.

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