January 21, 2014


My favorite color is blue.

My favorite season is spring.

My favorite vegetables are mushrooms.

And, my favorite day of the week is Thursday.

No matter how much a person can try, its hard to not choose favorites. To come out and plainly state the simple, people have preferences. And these preferences are what differentiate people from one another. Some like this, and others like that. We can say that it is a way for the Earth to maintain order and equilibrium. 

Many have asked me why I love Thursdays so much. Every since I was in middle school, I have always loved the idea of Thursdays. But, its very hard to explain. Actually, its always hard to explain why a person likes anything. I can’t explain why I like blue better than purple, or why I love spring so much. It’s just a feeling I get on Thursdays (or Wednesday nights, a few minutes before Thursdays). 

Maybe it has something to do with me and my super nerdy-ness. I was such a bookworm when I was younger, always wanting to beat my smart sister when it came to school work. So, I guess I studied a lot. That meant staying up all night to memorize latin declensions, solving proofs for calculus or studying flashcards before the AP exams. But, during a hard week in school, whenever I was always stressed out, I would always feel better on Thursdays. Because, I knew that, no matter how long I studied or did my homework on Thursday, I would only have one day of school left. So, I could study however long I wanted, because I knew I could sleep after school on Friday.

When I tried explaining this to someone, they said, “Then doesn’t this mean that you like Fridays?” But, they just didn’t get my point. Or, rather, I couldn’t really explain it that well, I guess. There is a clear difference between Thursdays and Fridays and I know that I do not get that happy on Fridays because, by then, I am already totally tired and my brain couldn’t function to its best capacity. Nor was I the type to do much Fridays nights. 

Even to this day, I love the idea of Thursdays. And I think I’ll continue to love Thursdays.

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