October 5, 2013

Paris Fashion Week, Streetstyle

Have you ever watched the movie "An Education"? With Carrie Mulligan? Its about a young girl, living in England, who has been missing out on life trying to work hard to get to Oxford, her father's dream school. She meets a man, who opens her eyes to things other than books. And what was his best present to her? A trip to PARIS

So, why am I talking about this? Keyword: P-A-R-I-S!
How many times have I fantasized about my first trip to Paris, eating baguettes while vising the Eiffel Tower (such a clique, I know)? How many times have I listened to Billie Holiday's "I Love Paris"? 

Unlimited amount of time!!!

Paris is a place, in my imagination, full of love and romance and I felt this magic while looking at Paris Fashion Week! How crazy would my life be if I lived in Paris?! Hopefully, one day, my dream can turn into a reality!

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  1. I love Paris fashion, it's so elegant omg:P I'm learning to speak French at the moment, and I'm hoping to go to University there in a few years so hopefully I can visit Paris sometime! :D

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