March 6, 2014

A Day for Tennis

Things I saw today:

  • Pink and yellow flowers that have started to bloom in the naked trees and bushes
  • Two Korean women (professors?) who called each other "dear" and other loving names that made me recall why I do not want to be an old woman (which I unfortunately cannot avoid)
  • Amazing skills at the tennis club, skills that made me realize I'm in England, a country where they take sports like tennis and football very seriously
  • Inside the mind of both physiology and Korean Literature major students
  • My ketchup has been eaten/used my flatmates (which I am not happy about)
  • Students making their usual Wednesday night trip to Corp at midnight, which is only the start of the night
  • My family that is perfectly busy without me there (and only need to see my face for a second)
  • My flatmate's too-blond, near-gone eyebrows

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