March 2, 2016

Number Sixty-Two

Number SIXTY-TWO, March 2nd.

After a translation exam and an interview, I am, once again, back to an "intern" status. 

After doing my first "non-paid" internship, I didn't intend on doing another one, just because I felt that I had all the experience I needed (at that time). And it's a huge commitment that I didn't think I could handle again. But, as I started to think about my future, I was overwhelmed at the prospect of my future. What does a girl with a B.A. in Political Science usually do? It would have been easy if I had a B.S. because usually the choices for future career paths are less diverse than a student of humanities.

Today was my first day interning at this PR company and, while I haven't learned much, I think that I'll definitely learn a lot. I mean, I barely know anything about public relations or communications in general. But, now I have the chance to learn through hands-on experience. 

So, I now start another chapter in my life story. Of course, there will be the expected ups-and-downs: conflicts at work, fatigue of conducting endless monitoring, exhaustion from getting to work by 8. But, keeping in mind that I'll grow that much more as a person and as a employee, I'm super excited. 

Join me in my journey :)

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