February 28, 2016


Coat VINTAGE  ||  Top ZARA  ||  Pants FOREVER21  ||  Shoes ZARA  ||  Bag ZARA

I love my camel vintage coat that I bought at a vintage store at Express Bus Terminal station (line 9) in Seoul. I used to love going to vintage stores in Philadelphia when I was in high school, like at Buffalo Exchange on Chestnut Street, but I realize that I haven't done much thrift shopping in Seoul. 

Clothing stores in Korea are all about...imitation. There are tons of clothing stores in the city and, for the most parts, all of the clothing look pretty much the same, following the current trend in Korea amongst young college students to those in their early-30s. And there are the department store brand clothing...which I personally don't care for. Something about the material and the hemming seem weird to me.

That's probably why the SPA market is booming so much in Korea. From Zara, H&M, and Mango, SPA brands are dominating the clothing industry in Korea so much that, for the most part, I can guess what brand some of my friends' clothes are from. On Friday, while exchanging subways at Dangsan Station, I saw some girl where the exact same navy gold-buttoned Zara coat, and it was embarrassing. 

So, I sometimes go to the used-clothing store with my sisters just to get something...new. It's a bit ironic that something old can be considered as something 'new'. 

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