February 28, 2016

Cropped Flare Jeans

1. MANGO Zip Leather Jacket
2. MANGO Stand Collar Sweater
3. ZARA Mini Flare Jeans
4. ASOS Leather Double Buckle Western Waist and Hip Belt
5. ALDO Greca Ankle Boots
6. SAINT LAUREN ‘Medium Monogram’ Fringe Leather Crossbody Bag

As a lover of the color black, I usually tend to wear black skinnies and trousers more than denim. But, I do love cropped flare jeans! Paired with a good pair of ankle boots, I love the casual yet chic look of the flare jeans + boots combination. 

Even in Korea, a lot of young urban college students love wearing cropped flare jeans, usually paired with Vans slip ons or a random pair of Nikes. Maybe I'll try out the look more for my back-to-school look!

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