January 8, 2016

Les Arbres

Les Arbes (The Piano Forest), Hap-jeong, Seoul.

Serena and I love spending countless hours at a random cafe in Hapjeong. We try to mix it up and try things new. Let's call it our resolution for 2016.

It has been a long time since I was at a cafe so empty. It was pretty enjoyable. But, after an hour or so, a group of girls with the loudest voices suddenly came in and broke the air of silence. How unfortunate.

Pretty much spent the first thirty minutes being proactive and the latter some hours taking photos and chit-chatting with Serena. So guilty. But, it's hard staying focused.

The entire cafe is full of random photos plastered over the walls. And, I can't remember the last time I had my photos printed. They are either on my phone or rotting away on my hard drive.

Who even has a photo album anymore?

It's January 8th, and I am listening to a terrible remake of "Last Christmas". Not so worried about the remake, but agitated about why I have to listen to Christmas music weeks after Christmas. Ummmm we have like twelve months until the next Christmas. Can we change the playlist, please?

We are goofballs. Thanks, Retrica, for being such an awesome camera app. 

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