March 6, 2016

Number Sixty-Six

Number SIXTY-SIX, March 6th.

Anyone who has ever had soju will say that soju pretty much tastes like rubbing alcohol. Here, in Korea, it is the go-to alcoholic drink. Not saying that Koreans don't drink vodka or cocktails. Soju is just affordable and cheap, and its just cultural. It can probably be one of the top twenty hashtags to describe Seoul. When I'm not in Korea, I actually even crave the clean taste of soju. A very sparing amount of time. 

But, grapefruit-flavored soju is the best invention so far. To anyone who hasn't yet tried this, they have to get on it! Although I get a terrible hangover after drinking this, it's worth it. 

I was very tempted to buy this box of soju from Costco's, but I withheld from making that mistake. People would have thought I was an alcoholic. 

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