March 4, 2016

Number Sixty-Four

Number SIXTY-FOUR, March 4th.

It's finally Friday! TGIF!!!

As I was digging around my new desk that I'll be using for the next six months, I came across this...which is pretty much the cutest thing I saw all week. How cute is this?

I think I'll be the happiest intern if the associates or even the director drops a few of these on my desk everyday. You know, except with the boxes "overcame your mediocrity"and "got lucky" checked. Those don't sound so good, but I'm fine with the rest!

Best part of the day was having a team lunch, so I could finally meet all the people I'll be working with. I love team lunches because it means the director is buying :) Hahaha just kidding. The great conversations are the best part, of course! 

And, as I'm writing this, it is pouring down rain outside. Korea, having been going through a pretty bad drought, really needed this rain. Hopefully it'll help with the PM-10 microdust that has been keeping me pretty congested for the last few days. 

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