March 18, 2016


Number SEVENTY-EIGHT, March 18th.

A random restaurant in Hap-jeong

I love this building. I turned into this street and thought I entered Japan or something. 
And the perfect weather made everything better. 

Serena and I was at Itaewon for the night for a bit of a reunion with friends from Pennsylvania. It was amazing that, even though I didn't see them for like six or seven years, as soon as I saw them, it felt like I  saw them even just months ago. Maybe its because I grew up with them. Or maybe its because we have a lot of memories together. The whole night we talked about places we used to hang out, things we used to laugh hysterically about, funny memories from when we in middle school.

I guess that's the power of friendship. No matter how much time you spend apart from each other, that time disappears when you meet again. It's actually kind of magical if you think about it. 

On this subject, I sometimes feel sad when I think of my mom. She never hangs out with her friends. I mean, she's not really the social type and she's a bit of an introvert. She always says she hates the concept of "hanging out with people" but it has to be lonely from time to time. She really only hangs out with my sisters and I...but I feel that she may need to converse with people her own age from time to time. 

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