March 30, 2016

Number Ninety

Number NINETY, March 30th.

Flowers are never overrated. 
Rather, I personally believe they are underrated at times. 

Because flowers wilt over time, the beauty of flowers is more particular and unique because it is fleeting. It's something that is hard to appreciate these days, because most of our products are very efficient and last for long periods of time, such as the Macbook that I'm currently typing on or the last movie that I saw at the movie theatres. Even famous pieces of art are not necessary fleeting, because we can now google it or go to an exhibition to see it in person. 

Sure, you can take photos of flowers. But that is not the same time as actually seeing, smelling, touching it in person. 

That's why I love flowers. And the reason why I believe they are underrated. 

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