March 27, 2016


Recently, I felt myself disappointed with Uniqlo. I remember when I was in high sisters and I went all the way to Elizabeth, New Jersey and New York City just to purchase some Uniqlo basics. Thermals, socks, sweaters, fleece. I used to get all of these from Uniqlo. But, for the past year, all of the clothes seemed to be a bit too....basic. They didn't seem to take any risks and it all seemed like something I've seem before. 

Which is why I usually always get excited for any collaborations! 

Uniqlo collaborated with Lemaire, a French designer, and I loved it! I knew I would love it after seeing the name "Lemaire". As the former artistic director at Lacoste, Christopher Lemaire is very chic and a great blend of femininity and masculinity. 

Personally, I bought that red dress (pictured above) in black and I'm planning on going back to buy some more stuff! 

The price is pretty great, which dresses ranging from KRW 50 to 60,000, which is actually fairly cheap. And the fabric is very light, pretty much perfect for a day outing in the summer. 

Here are some of my favorite pieces from the UNIQLO AND LEMAIRE collaboration!

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