January 31, 2016

Number Thirty-First

Number THIRTY-FIRST, January 31st. 

Seeing as today was the last day of January, I made sure to use this month’s Mission Card from my Starbucks Planner. I’m not sure if this change was made in Starbucks Korea but the new planner has made Mission Cards for each month, instead of the typical three coupons that were in the planner before. 

The mission for January was: make a visit to Starbucks with your parents! If you order a minimum of one drink, receive one free americano. 

So, after my parents came back from Sunday Mass, the whole family went to Starbucks for a late night coffee break. I, like the clumsy person that I am, spilled my hot chai tea latte. Like all over the place. Thankfully, the manager was the nicest person there ever is and she gave me a new drink on the house. Such a nice person!

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