February 10, 2016

Number Forty-One

Number FORTY-ONE, February 10th.

The best way to spend a day when you're feeling lazy but want to be productive? Spend a whole day appreciating the arts. I personally love impressionist art, so I was dying to go see the "Impressionist Landscape" exhibition at the Seoul Arts Center. 

As expected, there was a whole bunch of people at the museum as well, but not too crowded. Ahhh I love everything about going to an art museum. The quiet, the people walking around with their headphones plugged in and listening to the explanations of each piece. It can be crowded, but everyone is secluded in their own bubble. Each person can have their thirty seconds to look at a certain piece and perceive it however they want. 

Here were some of my favorite pieces from the exhibition:

<Houses at Falaise in the Fog>
Claude Monet, 1885

<Spring Effect Landscape Near Vetheuil>
Claude Monet, 1880

<Still Life with Apples and Pears>
Paul Cezanne, 1885-88

<Langlois Bridge at Arles>
Vincent Van Gogh, 1888

<Figure in a Lanscape in Barbizon>
George Seurat, 1882

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