February 13, 2016

Number Forty-Four

Number FORTY-FOUR, February 13th.

Today's cloudy and rainy weather reminds me of the time when I was studying in England. It seems like I was there only a couple of months ago. It surprising it has been two years since I flew out to Manchester Airport to start my semester abroad at Sheffield. Ahh the good old days.

Using this rainy day to our advantage, my mom and I went on a Saturday mother-daughter date to Ilsan to do some shopping and eating and more shopping. And the E-Mart Town at Kintex has got to be the best mart in Korea. It's like...equivalent to a Target.

I love this glass case for this little cactus plant. There's nothing better than a cactus to keep near my window. Maybe after I clean-up my room I'll buy a new plant to spark up the room :)

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