February 21, 2016

Number Fifty-Two

Number FIFTY-TWO, February 21st.

After spending a long six months working as an intern at the embassy last spring, I never thought that I would stay in contact with the U.S. diplomats and my supervisors. But, today, I got to visit to the U.S. base again with my former intern colleagues and enjoy a super American-style brunch. 

I love the fact that most westerners ('most', not 'all') graciously welcome people into their own homes and act as wonderful hosts. This is something that I think is lacking in the Korean culture. Mostly due to the fact that the majority of the twenty-year-olds live with their families until they become independent and get married. It's difficult, and super uncomfortable, to host people in your parents' house. 

We spent the entire afternoon drinking coffee and eating nonstop, talking about things from the idiocracy of Donald Trump winning the GOP primary in South Carolina to the reasons why Conan O'Brian is so famous in Korea (still not so sure about that). 

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