February 24, 2016

Morning walk at the Han River

DAILY VLOG | Morning walk at the Han River

After making a resolution to stay fit this year (which hasn't been really successful), I went on a early walk at the Han River with Momma Jeong to keep me company.

As you can see, there is nobody around at the normally busy riverside because we had to pick the coldest morning ever to go for a walk. No complaints. Just took a super long hot shower as soon as I got home. 

Ahhh I just love going for walks at the river. After being in London and Dublin, I now realize how pretty and enormous the Han River actually is compared to other rivers that cut through major cities. Plus, just seeing the ducks bobbing up and down in the water put a smile on a face right away :)

Let's see how long I can keep up this routine!

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