January 24, 2016

Number Twenty-Four

Number TWENTY-FOUR, January 24th.

I am surprised I survived this weekend, with the temperature falling down to a dramatic low of -17 degrees celcius. Even more surprising was the fact that the Han River actually froze. For the four and a half years I have been living in Korea, I have never seen the river freeze in the winter. 

My remedy for the winter? Fill up my body with hot food to defrost the winter chill! We decided to avoid using public transportation and drive to Gwanghwamun area for some dinner and the streets were completely empty, which is not a common sight in Seoul. I guess the people of Seoul decided to say home to avoid the cold. 

Our dinner choice was galbi-jjim (braised short ribs) from a place called "Gangnam Myun-ok" and it was the perfect meal for an icy-cold day.

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