January 11, 2016

Number Eleven

Number ELEVEN, January 11th.

Solitude: "A lesson learned from the man in the bright yellow jacket"

Something about seeing this random man, wearing a bright yellow jacket, all by himself, in the middle of a random park, made me think about the concept of "seclusion". Personally, I love to meet up with friends to hang out and have conversations about politics or life in general. But, once in a while, I have to have "me-time". Just a few hours in a week where I can be all by myself, undisturbed, to think or worry about personal matters. Or even just to catch up on my favorite TV shows.

Living in a country like Korea can make this a bit difficult. Even just by walking around overcrowded streets at around 6 p.m., one can see that people tend to walk in twos, rather than ones. Whether it's a friend or a significant other, people tend to travel in groups. If not, they have their handy-dandy smart phone to keep them company, similar to the relationship the protagonist of Her, Theodore, has with his OS1 operating system named Samantha. Seeing as I have adapted to the culture fairly well, I can't take myself out of that status quo.

But, the man in the bright yellow jacket reassured me that...maybe I exaggerate too much. While I hate to admit it, I'm guilty of a terrible crime: I judge people, and I assume things. As long as I don't think too much about it, it's perfectly fine to want to be alone sometimes. Let's call this my easy solution to one of my many useless worries. 

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