January 17, 2016

Father-Daughter Date

OOTD: Black boots, black coat, black jeans. Keeping it simple and chic.

Wires: I love old buildings and telephone wires.

At the park: An elderly grandfather sitting on the bench caught my eye. He just seemed so relaxed and down-to-earth, just enjoying a Saturday afternoon at a small park nears Insa-dong. Even though he was all by himself, he didn't seem alone at all. Himself was all the company he needed.

Flowers: There's nothing better than the feeling when somebody buys you flowers. 

YMCA: A building my dad remembers from when he was young. I love the sun reflecting off of the windows.

Myeongdong Gyoja (명동교자): This restaurant has been open since 1966 and is one of the most famous restaurants in Myeongdong. At about 8,000won per bowl, it's a decent price and it tastes so good. My dad had a huge smile on his face as he was telling me about the first time he came here with one of his friends when they were in high school.

Cheonggyecheon: I can't believe I have been living in Korea for over four years and I have never walked by Cheonggyecheon. Walking across the stream on the rocks was actually more excited than I expected. It's always the little things that inspire me.

Me and Papa Jeong: A lot of my relatives and random people we see in the street have been shocked at the strong resemblance between me and my dad.

The Pub BROS: Something about this place seems pretty cool. The mint colored bike in front of it, the white brick walls, and just the idea that its a pub...I love it. I remember when I was in London and me and my friend went to the the same Lemon Tree Pub twice around lunch time just for the cool taste of draft Pilsner Urquell -- my favorite Czech beer.

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