December 15, 2015

I'll take a Grande Chai Tea Latte, Hot.

I find it extremely difficult to study in the privacy of my own room. Weird, but I find the quiet a bit unnerving and, 8 times out of 10, I end up spending an hour or two playing my guitar.

This is why I always find myself at the closest Starbucks near my house, which is where I am right now. It's 3:52 PM and the entire cafe has almost reached it maximum seating capacity, bustling with a wide variety of people. 

The majority of the coffee-drinkers will be the young 20-somethings, with their typical white Apple earphones plugged in, tapping away at their laptops and holding printouts of powerpoint slides in their hands. Even by just looking at the lack of effort they put to their appearance (no makeup and glasses for the girls, trainers for the guys), I'm pretty sure I can assume they are studying for their finals. December can mean winter and Christmas for some, but "Finals Week" has the most leverage for sure. 

There are a few ladies in their 30s, being extremely loud and obnoxious, with one complaining about her stuck-up sister-in-law that didn't come to help with the arduous labor of making kimchi and another trying to modestly brag to the other mothers about how her son aced his English exam (emphasising that he owes his impeccable smart-genes to her). 

Then, there is the rare one or two who are actually just sitting down with their grande-sized disposable paper cup, with just a book in their hands. No laptop. No constant checking up on their SNS. Nope, just a book.

It's pretty difficult (may I dare say rare?) to see people just reading, and not totally engrossed in their smartphones. I mean, personally, I live for Instagram. I would feel like I woke up the wrong side of bed if I didn't check SnapChat for updates from my favorite bloggers and celebs. It may be an addiction, or it can be a sign that the modern times are changing. 

And, I don't want to be a total conservative Republican by rejecting change. No, I'm all for change. As Obama would say, "change for America." For me, I guess it should just be "Change for Humanity". So, I can't say I want to really pull myself out of this smart-phone phase. I mean, it's efficient, it can easily be used, and its my 7 lbs. Nikon D90 packed into my 4.7"-sized phone. 

But, it wouldn't hurt to be a bit un-plugged in from now one. I mean, just on this desk alone, I have the new 2015 MacBook Pro Retrina Screen and my new iPhone 6s. But, let's be realistic. My day without the comfort of these apple products could probably parallel with that of a heroine addict on the first day of withdrawal. In short, it'll just be painful and sad.

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