July 15, 2015

Tile Rooftops


Tile rooftops.

I wish this was the view from my window as I get out of my bed every morning, as I sit down for my third or fourth reading of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, as I hold a warm cup of earl grey during tea time, or as I sit at my desk to write down my thoughts and dreams in a journal.

I found this photograph on vogue.com for their Ethnic Travel series. This particular photo was taken in Vietnam. I wouldn't say that Vietnam would be on my top 10 travel destination list but, after seeing this picture, I'm pretty sure that my list will undergo some minor alterations.

This picture is the complete opposite of the image I've held of Vietnam for practically all of my life. Media tends to focus on the crowded marketplaces of South-east Asia, an image of which is probably so focused on because it's a image that is hard to come across in the Western part of the world. But, this photo just spills out calmness, a sense of peacefulness. A place where you can hear your own thoughts. A place where you can actually do some form of thinking.

I don't what it is about these rooftops that seems more appealing than the more famous rooftops of France, but I smile at the thought of me ever going here.

We'll see if that day ever comes. Hopefully, soon.

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