May 17, 2015


What would happen if everything I experienced, everything I saw and did, was part of a long and unending dream? If a dream goes on forever, does that make it reality?

How would you know if it was dream or not?

Sometimes, I get the feeling that everything around me is moving so fast, while I'm stuck in my own little bubble. There's nothing scary about it. I'm comfortable in my own skin and I feel relaxed at the fact that I'm aware of my surrounding.

But, there's always that lingering question: is it real?

I wake up in the middle of the night, from time to time, when I have trouble deciphering if I have actually woke up, or if it's a fragment of my imagination. I catch myself feeling embarrassed because I think a group of people are in my room and they are looking at me as I sleep. But, these people are never in my room. They exist only in my mind. 

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