January 10, 2015

This is the weird me.

This is me.

I can’t stand being in a room with a ticking clock hanging on the wall.

The clock or me.

There’s no room for the both of us.”

My empty bottles pile up in an empty laundry basket in the corner, waiting its future role as a recycled flower vase or piggy bank.

I’m a café person. Who can even study in their room anymore (and why would they want to)? My room is a place for playing my guitar, the occasional midnight reading, sleep and that only. To spend a whole day, with a great cup of coffee and a tote bag full of things to draw on and things to study and memorize, at a neighborhood café is pretty much my only refuge in the hustle bustle of Seoul.

I’m one of those introverts that can spend a wonderful day all by myself. Sometimes, everyone just needs to be alone. For me, I need it more than others.

For me, watching movie trailers is just as good and thrilling as watching the full movie.

Cameron Diaz’s job in The Holiday is literally my dream job.

I love watching the classics, like Roman Holiday and Gone With the Wind.

But, I’m proud to say that I can’t live without my chick flicks.

How can anyone not enjoy the pure comedy of Mean Girls?

If I could go back in time, I would make a list of all the books I have ever read. It’s so sad that I have the memory timespan similar to that of Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates. I can’t even remember all the required reading from junior year English class. Maybe the lost list of books will make me feel smarter than I actually am. Which isn’t a terrible thing.

One of my favorite moments is finishing a book that a friend recommended and actually liking the book. It’s a rare moment, and so precious. That a friend actually thought of my taste and preference of books and picked the perfect book…such a precious moment.

Sometimes, I say that I hate when it rains. But, I love it. I love wearing my rain boots. I love the sound of raindrops on my umbrella. I actually love the smell of a rainy day. I love looking out of the window when it rains. I don’t think I can ever live in California. I’m always going to be an England-type of person.

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