March 12, 2014

Feeding the stray cat

It has been a month since I have left Korea and have been living on my own in England. For the first couple of weeks, I totally felt I was in the United Kingdom because of the endless rain we kept having. I kept my umbrella with me at all times and I even bought a couple of hoodies to keep my hair safe from all of the rain. But, I have to admit, I liked all the rain. Compared to Korea, the air itself was just so much fresher (because it didn't have all of the dust particles that flew in from China).  I sometimes didn't even take my umbrella out of my bag. That was due to many different reasons: (1) it was a hassle to take it out of my bag, (2) the wind was too strong so my umbrella would have gone flying around everywhere, (3) no one else was using an umbrella and I didn't want to seem like a total tourist, (4) I hate leaving wet umbrellas out to dry in my small dorm room, and (5) the rain actually felt good. 

However, for the last couple of days, I have noticed a huge change: Spring has arrived. It was really hard to believe that it was more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit this weekend. Before I arrived to the UK, everyone kept telling me that the weather here was awful and that I would become down and dreary like the weather. To my surprise, I think England has finally been given a present from mother nature (and I am definitely not complaining). While I did love the rain once in a while, there is nothing I love more than to feel the warm touch of sunlight on my skin. 

Because we were feeling so happy to be outside, my flatmate and I decided we should go do our laundry. We ate lunch and grabbed some tea before heading out of our flat to go to the next building to put our wet laundry in the dryer. We were about to go down the stairs when we both screamed. 

There was a black spotted cat just sitting on the stairs. It wasn't scary or anything; we were just a bit shocked to see it just sitting there. We were both not afraid of cats so we whistled to the cat to come over to us. It was one of the cutest cats I have ever seen (or petted). It kept trying to go to the trash area, sniffing around for any food. I went back into my flat and took out my carton of semi-skimmed milk and we tried to feed it to that cat.

The cat simply loved it! It was so cute and adorable! I have never seen a cat that was so friendly and so unafraid of people. It kept brushing itself against us and we immediately fell in love with it. While we were playing around with the cat, two girls tried to enter our flat but they couldn't get in because they didn't have the key. We opened the door for them and they told us that that cat lived in this neighborhood and that it was pretty famous. It was everyone's pet. People buy it food all the time and it just lives in this area, walking around here and there for people to give it food. 

I was go glad to have seen such a cute as that. And I fell in love with it. We took pictures, videos, and even more pictures. I hope I can see this cat again real soon and hope that it found a good meal to eat today.

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