August 9, 2013

Haruki Murakami: 1Q84

Recently, I have tried to finish reading all the books that I have already started reading. I failed. Let's just say...that was easier said than done.

One of the first ones I read was 1Q84. I started reading it last summer but, after my fall semester started, this book was left unfinished on my bookshelf, surrounded by other books slowly being covered by a thin layer of dust.

In my university, there was a Korean student who lived most of his life in Japan. When I told him that I was reading a book by Haruki Murakami, he asked me: "So, what book of his forced you to read his crazy books?" I didn't have an answer nor could I even react to that question. I bought this book for my sister and I guess I was curious about what such a thick book could be about. 

I just finished this book today. 

And, for those who have read this book, you will understand me when I said 'What the hell?' at the end of the book. I was shocked at the sudden ending of the book...and I can't believe that all the suspense that Murakami put me in...just, without warning, ended. He has a great writing style: simple, direct and to the point, which is one of the reasons why I loved the book and was surprised at the same time. Maybe his intention was to make the reader think about what would happen later. Or, maybe he was in a rush to finish the book (probably not). But, I must say that this book was a great read for me. It was very unique. And I am looking forward to reading more of Murakami's works!

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